What Was Marilyn Monroe’s IQ?

Marilyn Monroe is among the many most well-known American actresses. She was additionally a singer and mannequin who has extensively been reported to have a better IQ than the world’s geniuses like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkins.

Born on June 1, 1926, Marilyn confronted a hard childhood and even needed to develop up in an orphanage earlier than dwelling with  11 units of foster dad and mom. Nonetheless, the “dumb blonde” was among the many sensible minds on the planet’s historical past, which helped her by way of all these challenges.

She rose to be one among America’s most outstanding individuals within the movie trade.

When Did Marilyn Monroe Take An IQ Check?

There may be a variety of conflicting details about Marilyn’s IQ.

Some say she didn’t even take the IQ check in any respect. However some who imagine that she took a check say her IQ was round 168. Nonetheless, having grown in unstable circumstances when she was a toddler, reviews declare she might haven’t had the power to take the check.

Marilyn additionally married simply after she was 16, changing into a homemaker earlier than reinventing herself throughout her twenties. 


Scott Fortner, curator of the MarilynMonroeCollection.com mentioned that the reviews of Marilyn’s IQ rating are unfounded.

He mentioned that though Marilyn focussed on self-improvement, she didn’t graduate from Highschool. However she had over 400 books in her library, most speaking about intelligence and different areas she was eager about.

Most who’re accustomed to Marilyn’s library perceive that she had stocked books revolving round Artwork and Drama, Poetry, politics, historical past, theology, psychology, and philosophy.

She additionally had books on gardening, kids’s books, and the bible.

Though Marilyn was extra scholarly than reported to the general public, there isn’t any sound proof that she took an IQ check and scored 168. 

Proof In opposition to Marilyn’s 168 IQ Rating

Anybody asking about Marilyn’s IQ rating would most likely land on the primary supply that gave out these figures. And to place it straight into data, Snopes was the earliest in recording Marilyn’s IQ and reported it in 2013!

For somebody born in 1926, just for her IQ check to be revealed in 2013 but she took it way back raises extra doubts. In addition to, IQ checks weren’t frequent throughout Marilyn’s time and possibly she by no means took them.  

Due to this fact, the “supply” that gave out this rating can truly be unfaithful, and but individuals have believed. 

This doesn’t imply that Marilyn Monroe was not clever sufficient. Presumably, she was above common. 

Marilyn Monroe’s demise

Marilyn Monroe misplaced her life on August 5, 1962, in a mysterious method as no person may inform the explanation she died. It’s claimed that she died of a barbiturates overdose. Marilyn was simply 36.

The casket that she was buried in was often called “Cadillac casket,” which is without doubt one of the most high-end caskets out there. It’s product of heavy stable bronze and lined with silk.  Monroe was buried sporting her favourite Emilio Pucci gown.

Hugh Hefner bought the crypt subsequent to Marilyn’s. Marilyn’sr ex-husband, Joe DiMaggio instructed crimson roses to be delivered to her crypt for the next 20 years.