Was Anne Hathaway named after Shakespear’s wife?

You all know Shakespeare, essentially the most well-known English playwright in historical past. The title Hathaway just isn’t as frequent as Shakespeare, however it’s rather more fashionable than it was once due to Anne Hathaway and her husband, William Shakespear?

Within the Nineteen Forties, there have been solely round 120 individuals in america with that household title. That quantity has grown over 800% since then. So was Anne Hathaway named after Shakespeare’s spouse?

Some have speculated so due to a hyperlink between their final names! The primary letter in each households’ surnames is ‘H.’ It might additionally simply be a coincidence. Let’s discover out the interrelation between the 2.

Who’s Anne Hathaway?

For many of you, Hathaway just isn’t an unusual final title due to her fame. In fact, there are a lot of different the explanation why you is perhaps given this surname, too, reminiscent of delivery order or location. What do you assume?! Do you imagine that Anne Hathaway might have been named after William Shakespeare’s partner!?

Anne Hathaway is a well-known American actress. She is greatest identified for her main roles in The Princess Diaries, Bride Wars, Alice In Wonderland, and Changing into Jane.

On November twelfth, 1982, she was born to Kathleen Anne and Gerald Thomas Hathaway in Brooklyn Heights, New York Metropolis, USA. Her full title is Ann Katharine Houghton! Was she named after Shakespeare’s spouse? Some speculate so due to the hyperlink between their final names! However first, let’s take a look at William Shakespear.

Who was William Shakespear?

You may acknowledge Shakespeare as probably the most well-known English writers ever talked about by nearly all high literature college students all through historical past. He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon on April twenty third, 1564, however later moved to London.

Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway and had three youngsters together with her: Susanna (born July twenty sixth, 1583), Hamnet (born February twenty fifth, 1585), and Judith (born November twenty eighth, 1586).

William Shakespeare was an English playwright and poet. He’s broadly considered one of many biggest writers within the historical past of those two disciplines and has at all times been a well-liked selection for examine in school!

What do you assume? Was she named after Shakespeare’s spouse or not?

It might simply be a coincidence that each of their surnames begin with ‘H.,’ However additionally it is doable that William Shakespeare’s spouse impressed the title for considered one of right this moment’s most well-known actresses. 

What are your ideas? Do you imagine this too?! Or is there one more reason why we would see so many

Why was Anne Hathaway named after Shakespeare’s spouse?

This can be a troublesome query to reply. It might have been due to the hyperlink between their last names, or it’d simply be a coincidence! We’ll by no means know for certain what led as much as her being given this title, however we hope you loved studying about it!

Nonetheless, you should agree that there’s a hyperlink between their final names, but it surely may not have been intentional. The most typical motive for somebody to hold the surname of “Hathaway” right this moment is that they had been born as an older sibling and given this title at delivery or by means of their delivery location.

Some assume that there could also be some connection between her being named Hathaway and Shakespeare. Nonetheless, others say that it’s a coincidence. What do you assume?