Ernest Khalimov the ultimate Gigachad – Who is he?

There are Chads and Gigachads, however there’s just one Ernest Khalimov, the final word man.

Ernest is arguably the Chad of all Chads, the person behind the Gigachad meme.

Who’s a Gigachad?

Gigachad is a ten out of 10 Chad and is inside 0.1% of males’s bodily attractiveness.

The muscular physique of a Gigachad intimidates 99.9% of all males on the earth. Even the Chads don’t come near them.

Gigachads are alpha of all alpha, with their facial aesthetics and symmetry on one other stage. A lady’s response to seeing a Gigchad is like moths reacting to seeing a lamp.

The feminine model of a Gigachad is the Gigastacy.

Ernest, the final word Gigachad

In the event you point out Gigachad, many individuals will join it to Ernest. However he’s not so common past his title. His meme is extra common than himself.

Ernest Khalimov lives in Russia, although most individuals affiliate him with having a Turkish background. Some individuals additionally consider he’s from Azerbaijan.

Is GigaChad a Actual Individual

Ernest’s memes have been the subject of debate since his picture surfaced three years in the past, which confirmed his good bodily physiques. 

Many have questioned how somebody might be so good. 

He’s arguably the manliest of all males, some declare. However is he actual past the memes?

Whilst you might imagine Ernest’s photos are being photoshopped to magnify his physique, then you might be about to vary your thoughts.

He’s a mannequin for the ‘Modern and tears’ firm.

While you go to the Modern and Tears Instagram web page, run by Krista Sudmalis, you will note the Gigachad mannequin, Ernest Khalimov.

Krista takes footage of bodybuilders, and Ernest is on the forefront of a few of these footage.

In addition to, his original Instagram account is tagged in all these footage.

Why is he not so common than his memes?

It’s solely regular to think about any particular person with such a physique to be common, principally when his memes have already made his introduction.

However Ernest remains to be behind the curtains to many. Why is that this so? 

Based on this Youtube video, Ernest will not be up for any advertising and marketing. 

He retains a low profile and doesn’t cooperate with any particular person with a advertising and marketing thought.

The video reveals that he has a supervisor, however apparently, he’s not occupied with getting paid for advertising and marketing.

Extra doubts

Turning down sponsorship as a result of “he doesn’t cooperate with anybody” has raised much more doubts.

Folks have discovered much more causes to consider the GigaChad is simply the creative works of Krista Sudmalis.

In addition to, the truth that they’re simply photos and no movies of him raises extra questions.

Ernest could also be actual, however there’s little data to show this. Nonetheless, many consider that the Chad of all Chads is only a particular person’s good creativeness.


On April 26/27 many questionable information websites reported that Giga Chad had a automobile accident.

his official berlin.1969 Instagram profile as properly on Modern and Tears Instagram web page (an account that made him well-known) we couldn’t see something uncommon.

On Might 20 he posted on his Instagram the place you possibly can see him with out photoshop confirming that there was no automobile accident.