Dave Portnoy Height: How Tall Is He Really?

“I don’t care what this voodoo pizza field science says. I’m NOT 4 ft tall. It’s garbage and it’s rubbish.”

The founding father of Barstool Sports activities, Dave Portnoy, has acquired an excessive amount of consideration as individuals preserve asking how tall he’s. Many sources have listed his top to be something between 5’7” and 6’2”. 

On July 11, 2020, the dialogue bought heated up. A video circulated the place the creator tried to search out out Dave Portnoy’s top utilizing pizza containers. 

In the video, he was “30 pizza containers tall…” The footage later revealed that one pizza field is 1.75 inches. The overall top for 30 pizza containers is 52.5 inches or 4.375 ft!

The video was shared by Dve Portnoy himself, who tried to garbage the “voodoo pizza field science.”

Most feedback appeared to agree with the video, with one commenting, “Science offered the reply. You’re 4 ft tall. Case closed.”

This was not the primary time individuals tried to search out out what his precise top was. On Reddit, the case was the identical however with assorted solutions.

“BizNasty is 6’2”. How tiny can Dave really be?”

It’s clear that BizNasty is method increased than Dave. Most individuals estimated Portnoy could possibly be between 5’7” and 5’10”.

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What does Dave say about his top?

Dave maintains he’s  5’10” or taller. 

A person named Deke Zucker shared a tweet the place Dave criticized a brief man clothes retailer for sending him an invitation to their grand opening.

“Essentially the most insulting factor to ever occur is the Below 5’10” sending me an invitation to their Grand Opening. I ain’t beneath 5’10”. That’s insulting. He mentioned on Barstool Radio.

One person rubbished Dave’s declare that he’s above 5’10”. He mentioned there isn’t any method he may be 5’10” or taller when his father is actually 5’5”.

Dave is barely taller than his father.

If certainly it’s true that his father is 5’5”, then Dave may simply be beneath 6’ as many individuals estimate.

On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, the identical subject resurfaced on Twitter, with a person named “Joey” confronting him head-on and asking him his top. 

This was after the Barstool Sports activities founder defended himself utilizing racist language in his previous movies saying “I’m uncancellable.”